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Dual Chamber Syringe

Safe administration of code medications within seconds, not minutes.

True Concepts Medical’s second compelling technology, the Dual Chamber Syringe, safely administers code medications in seconds vs. minutes, by combining the delivery of a drug, quickly followed by a saline flush, into a single step. This reduces the potential for human error and saves time during a crucial, lifesaving, and often stressful step performed by emergency medical personnel.

A huge problem

Delivery of cardiac medications during code emergencies is a complex, multi-step, and time-consuming intervention. Every fraction of a second matters, and errors may be fatal.

Clinical Statistics

~17M deaths occur worldwide annually​.
Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of global mortality.
An estimated 25-50% of deaths are sudden cardiac deaths (SCDs).*
80% of SCDs are ventricular tachyarrhythmias.​

Time-Related Statistics

Sudden cardiac arrest leads to death within minutes​.
Brain death starts within 4-6 minutes if CPR is not administered.

Treatment Conditions

Sudden Cardiac Arrest​ Treatment consists  of 1 mg epinephrine every 3-5 minutes followed immediately with 20 ml normal saline​.
Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT)​ Treatment: consists of 6 mg of adenosine immediately followed with 20 ml normal saline​.


Failed ​Delivery Systems​

Involves a 3-way stopcock method.
Takes 7 minutes average to use in emergency situation​.
Have a high rate of human use errors.​

Inadequate Flush ​

20 ml of normal ​saline is required (adenosine and epinephrine)​.
90% of clinicians ​flush with an inadequate amount​.*


Adenosine has a half-life of 5-10 seconds.
Epinephrine disappears rapidly from the bloodstream.

An Ingenious solution

The Dual Chamber Syringe is an advanced 2-in-1 dual chamber drug/saline delivery system that ensures fast, accurate drug delivery, improving compliance and patient safety.
Rapid one-step  delivery of drug followed immediately by saline flush​.
Prevents dosing errors and drug waste​.
Simply and easily reduces time of care and cost​.
  • “I am confident that the D’VIA™ dual chamber blood collection system has the potential to positively impact the care of septic and suspected sepsis patients across the patient population.”
    – Michale Lakes, DO, FACEP and Medical Director Kettering Health Dayton ED and; Kettering Health Network Sepsis Task Force Physician Lead
  • 2019 Most Promising Innovations for Quality and Safety
    – QSEN Institute Case Western Reserve University
  • Dayton Startups to Watch in 2021
    – Dayton Business Journal

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