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Contaminant-free collection of blood cultures for accurate sepsis diagnosis.

D’VIA™ is the first internationally patented 4-in-1 Dual Chamber Blood Collection System that helps prevent expensive false-positives, false-negatives and process contamination for more accurate sepsis testing and diagnosis.

D’VIA achieves this by systematically isolating pure, uncontaminated blood, helping hospital ED’s/ICU’s improve patient outcomes while protecting revenue integrity and lowering costs.

A huge problem

Every 3 seconds, someone dies of sepsis.

Sepsis is the body’s overwhelming response to infection, which can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, amputation, or death.*

Sepsis is the leading cause of death in hospitals.

Sepsis accounts for up to 49 million cases and 11 million deaths worldwide, annually.*

Blood culture contamination causes high false-positive rates.

Diagnosis through blood collection is the gold standard, but current collection devices do not divert contaminated blood. Current non-diversion techniques are proven to increase the chance of high false-positive rates, leading to misdiagnoses.

In the U.S., 40% of culture-positive cases are false-positives.

1.2M blood culture-positive cases are false-positives due to contamination*, resulting in $8.3 billion of wasted spending in the U.S. healthcare system.*

1 in 5 patients are re-admitted.

20% of patients are re-admitted within 30 days of sepsis discharge.*


Over 40% of positives are actually False-Positives.​*


Contamination during blood culture collection in the first 2 ml of blood is caused by skin flora, sub-surface skin bacteria, and human errors associated with improper collection technique.


Unnecessary hospital admissions, antibiotics, and microbiology costs.
~50% of culture bottles are inadequately filled leading to False-Negatives.*


Underfilling or overfilling of culture bottles causes false-negatives or inaccurate results.


Delayed care, increased risk of tissue damage, organ failure, amputation, and/or death.
Contamination Cost Impact and ROI Analysis
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Studies have shown that diverting the initial 2 ml of blood containing skin flora and sub-surface bacteria, significantly reduces false-positives.*
D’VIA™ enables a contaminant-free collection of blood cultures that significantly reduces:
False-positives due to contamination
False-negatives due to inadequate filling
Poor collection techniques

How D'VIA™ Works: ​

D'VIA Diverts the initial 3 ml of contaminated blood.
D'VIA Isolates 20 ml of “clean” blood​.
D'VIA Repurposes the diverted blood for other biomarker tests that are indicative of sepsis — no blood is wasted.
D'VIA Dispenses an accurate amount of "clean" blood into each blood culture bottle, avoiding over or underfilling​.

A better standard of care

The CDC recommends that initial blood draw diversion technique is utilized when drawing blood cultures.  Hospital EDs/ICUs are adopting diversion-based technologies to achieve the following benefits:
Faster, more accurate diagnosis, improving outcomes.
Lower readmissions avoiding CMS penalties / protects revenue integrity.
Improved quality metrics and community trust-in-care.
The average cost of a false-positive blood culture is $4,739 per incident.*  By reducing false-positives by > 85%, the D'VIA™ blood collection system could save a 300+ bed hospital upwards of $2.7M, avoiding unnecessary microbiology and pharmacy costs while decreasing possible hospital stays by 2-5 days.*
  • “I am confident that the D’VIA™ dual chamber blood collection system has the potential to positively impact the care of septic and suspected sepsis patients across the patient population.”
    – Michale Lakes, DO, FACEP and Medical Director Kettering Health Dayton ED and; Kettering Health Network Sepsis Task Force Physician Lead
  • 2019 Most Promising Innovations for Quality and Safety
    – QSEN Institute Case Western Reserve University
  • Dayton Startups to Watch in 2021
    – Dayton Business Journal

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